Janja Maidl perceives customized solutions and room for change as comfort.

In her many years as a designer, she realized unique products through flexible production processes and versatile furniture systems for mass production.

With color Janja Maidl designs emotionally and cognitively coherent interiors in which we feel comfortable according to the context.

Below is a selection from Janja Maidl’s design experience. If you spot a communication symbol, you have seen all her references.

Color unfolds its effect via shadow, quantity, via interaction with other colors & light and via its position in space.

Walk-in color experiences

Comfortable color spaces

Color Spas

Textile Office Furniture System

Soft, varied office landscapes

The flexible, roll-in partitions are made of corrugated PET felt and can be combined with tabletops, shelving, and more. The flowing, textile walls frame workstations and create soft office landscapes with high visual and acoustic comfort.

Control screen for industrial digital printing machine

Through the use of color and shadow, the graphical user interface draws high visual comfort for the control screen of the digital press from the company K├Ânig & Bauer AG. Print job management & print data processing can be managed and checked clearly and quickly at the RotaJet control station.

METAFORM PORTFOLIO modular office furniture system

Individual comfort at the workplace

Sturdy blocks form the basis for this modular and adaptable office furniture system. The stepped blocks serve as visual storage for individual workstations and as an analog organization & communication display for teams, departments and companies. METAFORM PORTFOLIO “breathes” with the organization: the well thought-out vocabulary allows for quick reconfiguration of workstations and meeting islands.

Outdoor Furniture

Benches printed from concrete

3d printing enables outdoor furniture collections in small series. The benches, built up in layers by the printing process, blend into the outdoor space and tie in with grown, natural structures.

3d printed office utensils METAFORMTOOLS

Today white tomorrow spring green, forest green and eucalyptus

Office furniture add-ons in a rich variety of shapes and colors create individual workplaces for a wide range of industries. The products ordered in the web store are printed to order or purchased in digital form and printed by the customer her/himself. The digital product warehouse of METAFORMTOOLS allows a wide range of products in 70+ colors and provides a lot of color and joy at the workplace.