About me

A beautiful poster that I grew up with
Jazz Jamboree by Waldemar Świerzy

Fine rust texture, paper

I was born and raised in Dortmund, I have Swabian and Bavarian roots which explains my Southern German name. Since my industrial design studies at the UdK University of the Arts I am based in Berlin. With my Ruhr area background I do not only know all shades of rust by heart, I am also used to giant machines and industrial chic 😁

🎂 08.08.1983

Inhouse experience

  • Studio 7.5
  • BSH Bosch Siemens Home Appliances
  • Milde Modellbau
  • Stukenkemper Design


  • UdK University of the Arts Berlin


  • Graduate Industrial Designer (Dipl. Des.)

Portrait by Marie Jacob.