In my eyes, colour is an essential component of comfort and well-being. That’s why I like to work with colour, provide a rich colour palette and show what is possible with colour.

Multicolour: Comfort for the visual sense

Interior Colour Consulting

Coloured surfaces bring a natural vibrancy to the interior. By changing light sources throughout the day, and even the changing light conditions of the seasons, the entire character of a colour can be experienced, giving the room a new nuance time and again. The interplay between colour and light in the room fans out a single hue and gives the room atmosphere a rich variety.

Colour Capture

Daytime Colour Palette

Blending of 172 colours for the Daylight Colour Wheel commissioned by Hella Jongerius for creating the Vitra Colour & Material Library.

Colour & Texture development

Elevating a plastic material previously used for bumpers and shipping boxes to ennoble it for the office furniture world.

Building block for the workplace
Metaform Portfolio Modules from Herman Miller Inc. are made of a lightweight, soft material, similar to cork, and have a robust texture and colour. An umber colour was developed for Metaform that creates a calm and solid tone in the office.

Introducing much more colour

Building a brand, product offering, production environment and web store for 3d printed colourful workplace accessories.

Colour for office chairs

Advised Studio 7.5 on colour palette development and decision making for Herman Miller Inc.’s COSM office chair.

more colour, loose collection…

Sage blossom
1” x 1” rgb light on screen.

Streak light on lime yellow plaster

Sun Reflections
Spectacular light on dark green wall paint

Emerald green
1” x 1” rgb light on screen.
Intuition, collages
I can’t walk past dazzling effects without taking a photo: iridescent car paint in sunlight

Augmented reality scene with colour and light reflection experiments on a virtual golden cube.

between rose pink and kurkuma gold

between ocean blue and apricot orange

Leaf brown, leaf yellow and leaf red tones.