Multicoloured Interiors

When we are outside to calm our mind and enliven our senses, we see multiple colours, we see light and shadow tones of one colour, we see a blue sky.

We are drawn out into nature when we want to feel relaxation, inspiration and well-being for our spirit. The sight of trees, flowers, streams and mountains soothes our eyes. Living, working and learning happens in rooms that are mostly painted white. However, in nature we see many colours in countless shades. For our sense of sight, a white cube is foreign, evolutionarily speaking.

Home Spa

Two warm tones of green, one earthy and darker, the other fresher and lighter, combined with an airy shade of blue on the ceiling.

Walk-in colour experience

Colour built-in shelving

A sunny colour surface, painted around the corner, creates a visual volume and turns a simple steel shelf into a custom solution for the space.


Colour unfolds its effect via shadow, quantity, via interaction with other colours and via its position in space.

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Interior photos by Jacob | Reischel.