Janja Maidl has a sensational sense of atmosphere, a phenomenal intuition for space and time.

She knows the difference between comfort and luxury. She knows that comfort is the basis for high-quality progress. Janja Maidl advises companies and entrepreneurs on how to create comfort.

Below is Janja Maidl’s consulting experience. If you spot a communication icon, you have seen all her references.

Workplace study FOCUS

Manifesto for productive office workplaces

In addition to classic ergonomic features, there are soft factors that determine comfort and thus productivity at the office workplace. Atmosphere, emotions and sensory perception are part of cognitive ergonomics. The FOCUS study was conducted for office furniture manufacturer Herman Miller Inc. and questions the design and planning of open-plan offices in relation to the focused work of the individual office worker.

Support of the COSM chair development

Design, mental and emotional consulting of the Studio 7.5 team during the entire product development and market launch of the COSM office chair for Herman Miller Inc.

Technology study MATRIX

Potential of 3D Printing for the Upholstery Industry

Is it possible to mimic the skin of reptiles perfected for movement & protection? Can 3D printing meaningfully reduce manual sewing in the upholstered furniture industry?

The MATRIX technology study fans out the potential of additive manufacturing processes for upholstered furniture. Conducted for furniture manufacturer Herman Miller Inc, the study shows how 3D printing flexibly automates the processing of textiles & expands their finishing, the benefits for product development and how the machines and processes fit seamlessly into the existing manufacturing environment.

3d printing is no innovation island
from manual to automated flexibility
3d printing is no innovation island
the (additive) textile framework

Case Study META RENT

Offer a service instead of selling a product

A space-creating office furniture system that features light weight and robustness of its components serves as a case study for an office furniture rental scenario to support growth and change in businesses. The study was prepared for office furniture manufacturer Herman Miller Inc.