Interior Colour Consulting

Rooms should welcome us, have good things in mind for us. Colour and light work together to make a room legible.

Here you can see a home office and hallway before and after the colour makeover.

After & Before: Home Office

A home office with a view of the guest room now and before the colour makeover.

The faster we subconsciously grasp the space, the more attention we pay to the things that take place in the room. A beautiful, balanced contrasting colour scheme that is not too boring and not too intrusive ensures that we can read the room immediately, that we perceive the room as wider and can even spontaneously feel joy. A coordinated colour scheme allows faces to shine and objects in the room to become more visible.

Too much white constantly dazzles our sense of sight, the diffuse and grey shadows subconsciously irritate our perception.

The customer wanted a clear, airy mood for her home office with a soft atmosphere. Together, we found two colours with luminosity for the north-facing room: a clear, light blue tone that is warmed up by a very light, powdery yellow tone with a hint of rosé.

After & Before: Altbau Hallway

An Altbau hallway before and after the colour makeover.

A white colour with a clear proportion of yellow and rosé was used to create a warm atmosphere. On the opposite walls, a pastel ochre and a light burnt ochre tone pick up on the rhythm of the old building with its projections and recesses. The grey shadows were thus bathed in colour.

For the customer, her hallway felt cold. She wanted a warmer welcome for her guests and herself.

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