About Janja Maidl

Janja Maidl is a Berlin-based designer, inventor and pioneer. She specializes in creating comfort.


A poster she grew up with
Jazz Jamboree by Waldemar Świerzy

Fine rust texture, paper

Janja Maidl was born and raised in Dortmund, she has Swabian and Bavarian roots which explains her Southern German name. Since her industrial design studies at the UdK University of the Arts she is based in Berlin. With her Ruhr area background she does not only know all shades of rust by heart, Janja is also used to giant machines and industrial chic. 

🎂 08.08.1983

Inhouse experience

  • Studio 7.5
  • BSH Bosch Siemens Home Appliances
  • Milde Modellbau
  • Stukenkemper Design


  • UdK University of the Arts Berlin


  • Graduate Industrial Designer (Dipl. Des.)

Portrait by Marie Jacob.